A Step-by-Step Guide
for a Perfect Pour

Having the ultimate draft Guinness from the comfort of your own home has been a costly and complex process for Singaporeans. Bar at Lorong 13 always promises to deliver the best Guinness pour at affordable prices in our bar and now in your own home. Learn how to achieve the perfect pour every time you drink from our take-home kegs of Guinness.

How to Store your Guinness Keg

Cold af. Keep your kegs chilled in your refrigerator at all times to ensure its stability, texture and that perfect pour. We provide insulated sleeves for your keg so it stays chilled while you drink!

Please don't shake. Shaking agitates the composition and balance in the keg. Nobody wants a flat stout, right?

1 week only. All good things come to an end. We recommend only keeping your keg for a week (chilled!) to get that fresh draught quality. 

How to use the dispenser on your keg

The Mini Pump - a manual dispenser
1. Attach the Mini Pump onto your chilled keg.
2. Turn on the tap spout by pushing up the lever above the spout.
3. Place your glass near the spout and start pumping. This creates air pressure within the keg that pushes out your Guinness draft into your glass. Sort of like squeezing toothpaste out of the tube!
4. Once you are done pouring, turn off the tap spout by pushing down the lever.

The Elephant - the perfect draft dispenser
1. Attach your chilled keg to the Elephant.
2. Start pumping.
3. Place your glass near the spout and turn the tap on. Simple!

How to achieve the perfect pour

A video guide

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